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Light Posting 21st to 31st October

 Due to co-editorial holidays, there will be light posting from 21st to 31st October. Regular posting will resume on 1st November.

Top Buddhists sign landmark statement on climate change to global leaders

Fifteen of the world´s most senior Buddhists have issued a landmark call to political leaders to adopt an effective climate change agreement at the UN negotiations in Paris starting 30 November.  Signatories include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, as well as Supreme Heads of Buddhism in Bangladesh, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, …

EU and US sanctions against Russia threaten Arctic

Professor Bradshaw is concerned Rosneft could decide to carry on drilling without the Western expertise and so increase the risk of a catastrophic accident in the Arctic. And he adds that Russia's new gas deal with China will not help.

New book: "Sustainable Phosphorus Management"

Phosphorus is one of the key nutrients necessary to human, animal and plant life. The finite resource must be used more effectively. Sustainable Phosphorus Management: A Global Transdisciplinary Roadmap provides up-to-date information on global phosphorus flows and identifies options to improve phosphorus efficiency and sustainability.

Climate change will have broad psychological effects, report finds

Stress, anxiety, PTSD among likely impacts to overall well-being,

In memoriam: Michael C. Ruppert

Investigative journalist and peak oil activist Michael C. Ruppert died Sunday, April 13, following his Lifeboat Hour radio show.

New DOE report on energy sector vulnerablities

Historically high temperatures in recent years have been accompanied by droughts and extreme heat waves, more wildfires than usual, and several intense storms that caused power and fuel disruptions for millions of people. These trends are expected to continue, which could further impact energy systems critical to the nation’s economy.

Stopping LNG Exports Key to Preventing the Spread of Fracking

For people concerned about the harmful effects of fracking in the U.S., they should do whatever they can to prevent natural gas companies from exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG). Deborah Rogers—a shale gas industry expert, former investment banker and founder of Energy Policy Forum—underscores the importance of anti-export campaigns. She contends that stopping LNG exports is the …

Biogas potential ‘3-4 times higher’ from combining local waste streams

Assessing local assets, and converting waste streams were key elements in the development of this innovative project, as described in the ManagEnergy interview with project promoter Steen Danielsen from Solrod municipality in Denmark. 

Place capital: Re-connecting economy with community

“We’ve been wrong for the last 67 years,” Mark Gorton, founder of OpenPlans, announced in his closing address at last month’s Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place (PWPB) conference. “Ok. Time to admit it, and move on! We have completely screwed up transportation in this country. We can never expect to see the legislative or policy change until people understand the …