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Energy Crunch: The end of business as usual for fossil fuels?

It’s the end of business as usual for fossil fuels. That’s according to the latest report from the IPCC, released on Sunday.

Energy Crunch: Budgeting for Resilience?

East-West tensions spiralled to levels not seen since the end of the cold war as Russia annexed Crimea this week.

Energy Crunch: Peaks and tipping points

Diplomatic efforts are underway to diffuse tensions between Russia and the West following the overthrow of Ukrainian President Yanukovych. Should tensions escalate, one risk is the disruption of gas supplies from Russia to Europe via the Ukraine.

Energy Crunch: A new political consensus on climate change?

 Climate change is back in the headlines in the US and also in the UK.

Energy Crunch: no end to the storms

It took major storm damage and record floods to get energy prices off the front pages, but any ministers hoping for a brief respite on the turmoil over energy policy will be no doubt disappointed.

Energy Crunch: Will Britain get on board with fracking?

Energy round-up including EU climate targets, UK fracking plans, and peak oil.

Energy Crunch: Gas, wind and hot air

Energy round-up including peak oil, what next for UK shale gas, and wind power records.

Energy Crunch: Energy round-up: why the government should stick to its carbon budget

Weakening the UK’s Fourth Carbon Budget has no legal basis and would be economically damaging.

Energy Crunch: Profits soar while temperatures fall

Last winter was the coldest for nearly 50 years. 31,000 excess deaths were attributed to the weather – up almost 30% from 12 months previously – and yet this year two thirds of households are planning to turn their heating down. If only this was down to a successful retrofitting programme.

Energy Crunch: the global picture

Everything is changing on energy, and yet everything remains the same. This is the message from the latest World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency.