Building a world of
resilient communities.

Saving Our Skin: Conservation on Land + Sea

There’s more than one way to support ecological conservation.

Agreeable Agriculture With Eric Toensmeier

Can simply changing how and what we grow really make a difference to a changing climate?

Colorado River Riddles

As the temperature and population continue to rise in the southwestern United States, water becomes scarcer than ever. How did we get here?

Companies Corroding Communities

This week on Sea Change Radio we talk with two experts about the impact that two energy corporations have had on actual people.

Geophysicist Ole Kaven on Man-Made Earthquakes

Apparently things are moving and shaking in Oklahoma, literally.

Seeds of Change

Gary Nabhan has taken the fight to the corporate seed merchants through the local food movement and seed saving community.

Talking Grass, Soil, Hope

Courtney White and host Alex Wise discuss the profound impact that could result from some simple changes in ranching and farming practices

Imitations: On GMOs and Concrete

Brooke Borel and host Alex Wise talk about the fake podcast persona, about how the Folta/Blazek position on GMOs has erupted into a firestorm, and how one unassuming podcast has raised much larger issues around the need for transparency when big business and academic science co-mingle.

Richard Heinberg: After the Burn

After a two-century-long burning bender, the globe is in for a heck of a hangover.

Inside Obama’s Clean Power Plan

This week on Sea Change Radio we talk with two environmental reporters, Alex Guillén from Politico and Tim McDonnell of Mother Jones. They provide an overview of the climate plan and its goals, discuss some political and legal responses, and talk about how it may be viewed globally as we anticipate the UN Climate Summit in Paris.