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Courtney White: Grass, Soil, Hope Interview

What if the solution for reducing our collective carbon footprint were right under our feet?

Planet Code Red

The amount of carbon we can burn and still have a safe climate is zero. One Australian calls it Code Red, time for emergency action. Plus new science on why New York City will flood again and again. Guests David Spratt and Dr. Stefan Talke, plus special on gardening in extreme heat with Marjory Wildcraft.

Waste Not

Hear about an online sharing system where no currency changes hands, and no new materials are used to make more stuff.

Hemp Bound

Author Doug Fine examines how industries are finding new and exciting ways to innovate with this hardy and practical plant.

Living in the Anthropocene?

Richard Heinberg discusses the difference between what he has dubbed the “Techno-Anthropocene” proponents and the “Lean Green” movement.

Houston Bicycle Revolutionaries

Do you ever wonder why so many people ride bikes in a place like the Netherlands while so few do in Texas?

Renewed Energy for Renewables

A couple of decades who could have imagined that a gust of wind wafting across a Wyoming plain could power an air conditioner as far off as Southern California? But it very well may be happening soon.

Richard Heinberg on Natural Gas: Bridge Fuel or Fool’s Gold?

This week on Sea Change Radio, host Alex Wise talks with Heinberg about his book, titled Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future, and delve into the economic and environmental factors behind the natural gas boom, which to some is an important bridge fuel and to others is fool’s gold.  

Why we all agree on the environment

Filmmaker Peter Byck believes that the issue of preserving the environment is truly non-partisan, that when you strip away all the political rhetoric and carefully-crafted media narratives, we all really want the same thing: clean air, clean water and cheap energy. 

Interview with Alisa Gravitz of Green America

 Alex Wise chats with Alisa Gravitz about a number of Green America’s current initiatives.