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Buying The Farm: Dean Kuipers

This week’s guest on Sea Change Radio, author Dean Kuipers, explores how farms get the money they need to grow the food we eat.

Fracking: Measuring Methane

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Lisa Song, joins us to help us understand the impact of fracking on the air we breathe.

Electricity For All: Daniel Kammen - Part 2

Second part of a discussion about the prospect of decentralized energy systems supplying clean electricity to the developing world.

Electricity For All: Daniel Kammen - Part 1

Daniel Kammen paints a hopeful picture of a future where affordable renewable energy reaches the 1.2 billion people who currently live without access to electricity, with an overall positive impact on the environment.

The Carbon Divide

NYT's Andrew Revkin on American attitudes about climate change and related policy.

Naomi Oreskes on “Merchants of Doubt”

Naomi Oreskes, co-author of the book Merchants of Doubt believes that seeds of doubt about climate change have been planted quite intentionally.

Fracking: There’s Something In The Air

Fracking and air pollution with Caroline Cox, the Research Director for the Center for Environmental Health.

Troubled Coastlines From Louisiana To Maine

Bob Marshall on the massive undertaking of reversing a century and a half of policies that have left the Mississippi River Delta region battered,and former Maine State Representative Seth Berry about his state’s coastal problems.

Louisiana Encroachment

Louisiana’s coastline is shrinking at an alarming rate. Sea Change Radio welcomes Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Bob Marshall of the New Orleans-based The Lens for a 2 part discussion on Louisiana’s imperiled shores.

The Latest Oil Glut: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

With the recent plunge in oil prices, it feels like the right time to check back in with Richard Heinberg of the Post-Carbon Institute.