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Getting to Yay!

I promised to do a few newsletters on helpful points about how to be more competent, especially on food and city issues. So here goes.

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion: The Guerrila Update

I believe that is one of the things we’ve all learned since 1986. Neo-liberal governments have shut down action much more than they have shut down research and policy, and that’s one of the reasons why peaceful guerilla methods need to be explored.

Food and the New Urban Agenda

I believe the New Urban Agenda has the potential to start a whole new conversation about food and cities and bring a whole lot of new people up to speed with where the early adopters have been -- left out standing in their field, looking for someone to talk to – for some time.

Unused Capacity: The Secret Stash that Can Fuel the Next Generation of City Food Entrepeneurs

Thanks to entrepreneurial ability to find and use the resources hidden by mass stupidity, food advocates can almost set the world in the right direction by making use of unused capacity.

The Big Picture of Wasted Food

If we want to see food waste, we have to look beyond landfill sites.

Rural Sociology

For mutual interests to come to the fore, each city and each rural area surrounding a city needs to become intertwined and re-entangled.

Return to Sender: Food for Social Return on Food Investments

At last, a way to document the value of what we do to the bean counters who make decisions!!

30 Ways Cities Can Prepare for Global Warming

There’s a good reason (actually, 30 good reasons covered here...) why no-one has been able to come up with a better term for what’s called “urban agriculture.”

But We Only Have Local Wine!

Italians can decouple food policy and food law because they have a rich culture.

Food as a City Lens and Lever

Why is it that so few people – and especially so few people in government – see food and cities as a match made in heaven?