Building a world of
resilient communities.

Rural Sociology

For mutual interests to come to the fore, each city and each rural area surrounding a city needs to become intertwined and re-entangled.

Return to Sender: Food for Social Return on Food Investments

At last, a way to document the value of what we do to the bean counters who make decisions!!

30 Ways Cities Can Prepare for Global Warming

There’s a good reason (actually, 30 good reasons covered here...) why no-one has been able to come up with a better term for what’s called “urban agriculture.”

But We Only Have Local Wine!

Italians can decouple food policy and food law because they have a rich culture.

Food as a City Lens and Lever

Why is it that so few people – and especially so few people in government – see food and cities as a match made in heaven?

Give me 10 Good Reasons for your Food Project

When we fail to take account of and design food experiences to meet both physical and social needs, I believe we are guilty of a terrible form of food waste.

Asking the Right Food/City City/Food Question

It amazed me how easy it was to shift from asking what an institution could do to do the right thing by food, to what an institution could do for itself if it had a more dynamic appreciation of food.

Let's Think About Water for Earth Day

This idea might seem all wet to some people, but I’d like to propose on Earth Day that we make a top priority of making water’s links to food, environment and city issues more dramatic, more front-and-centre, and more spirited and spiritual.

Pandemonium and City Food Security

I supervised a university-level food studies class last week that, partly by design and partly by sheer accident, gave me some new insights into the challenges of city-oriented food security policy.

Pinning Big Hopes on Small Food Policy

The global pattern of nation states’ persistent neglect of the world’s most pressing issues is the unstated background to today’s precedent-breaking discussions about cities and food.