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How to Plan a Food Snowball

One of many problems caused by global warming is that fewer people know what it means to say something “snowballs.” How will people understand how food works?

Food in a Not Too Distant Future

For the last few months, I’ve been working closely with three very different groups, each keen to hitch their wagon to a regional food system.

Taking the Pulse of a New Food Trend

This year, the United Nations calls for a global celebration of pulses. Beans are no longer has-beans.

Bigger than Both of Us

The region, or foodshed, is the right level of analysis for self-reliance (which the authors wisely distinguish from self-sufficiency.

Don’t jump to Rasher Conclusions. Pigs offer Bacon of Hope to Sustainable Food Systems

The access to local and sustainable pork tells a story of its own.

Sharing the school meal potluck

The combination of school meals, school gardens and expanded food-related curriculum addresses a wide range of challenges...

The case for food hubs

The food hub concept, which is gaining traction throughout North America, holds the solution to a problem that continues to bedevil the local food movement, and that is lack of infrastructure.

Why did Harper invite the Chinese government to buy Canada’s tar sands?

Oil politics makes for greasy bedfellows, and that accounts for some odd and ominous slipping and sliding on the part of Albertan oil developers and their guy in Ottawa, prime minister Stephen Harper.

Time for Ontario’s Neo-Liberal Innovators to Innovate

In one neat package of 75 pages, the government-funded Task Force on Competitiveness, Productivity and Economic Progress provides an excellent summary of almost everything that is wrong with neo-liberalism. Who could ask for a better measure of where proposed leaders stand?

Ontario’s Local Food Act: More maybe than act

To get a handle on the Promoting Local Food Act tabled in the Ontario legislature on October 4, it helps to know the difference between government support and government policy. If you choose door 1 and get support, you’re in luck. If you choose door 2 and get policy, that’s the booby prize.