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"Peak is dead" and the future of oil supply

Interview with indendent peak oil analyst Dr Richard G. Miller. Miller, trained as a geologist, joined BP as a geochemist in 1985. He is coauthor of The Future of Oil Supply published by the Royal Society.

Commentary: A 10-Year Oil Supply Retrospective Shows Unwarranted Optimism

Without a serious revisiting of the questionable optimism that dominates any dialogue related to longer-term world oil supplies, without a harshly realistic scrub of the facts, we face unnecessarily large energy policy risks.

U.S. Crude Oil Exports, Really? - A Look at the UK

My question to the Brits: if you could turn the clock back, would you allow all your oil to be produced at the maximum possible rate, earning the amount of export dollars you did, if it meant that within a generation you would be back to being an oil importer paying roughly five times as much per barrel?

Commentary: Interview with Dr. Sadad Al-Husseini

Since the autumn of 2011, a storyline of “oil revolution” and oil abundance--even “North American energy independence”—has taken the US media by storm.

About that EIA Hail Mary

The key take-away from the US EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook released one week ago jumps out in the graph below: US crude oil production should peak in 2016 at a level 26% higher than that projected just one year ago.

Peak Oil Review - Nov 4

A weekly review including: Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East & North Africa, China, Quote of the Week, The Briefs, In Memoriam

Commentary: Shell’s Oil Shale Shutdown—1-800-Dry-Hole

Early last week, Shell Oil announced it was shutting down its oil shale research project in western Colorado.

Whither Shale Oil?: Interview with David Hughes

Production from shale oil plays has been impressive and has taken the national energy dialogue by storm.

Commentary: Is Peak Oil Dead?

Steve Andrews interviews Martin Payne about the supposed death of peak oil...

Randy Udall - a comet passes

We knew Randy primarily through his crusade to bring honest discussion of America’s energy predicament into public dialog and policy. He co-founded the US chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil in 2005 and spearheaded five highly touted and provocative energy conferences, creating for a few years the ultimate big tent for international energy thinkers.