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Renewable Energy: Is That Where Salvation Lies?

It’s common to read on blogs dealing with global warming that the only thing preventing renewable energy from replacing fossil fuels in short order within the U.S. is the political muscle of the fossil fuel industries.

The Status of U.S. Oil and Gas Production (Spring 2014)

I find it interesting that many of the individuals expressing the greatest concerns about oil and natural gas supplies are petroleum geologists.

The Psychology of Global Warming

One way to psychologically deal with global warming is denial.  For those who profit from fossil fuel production or those who want unlimited use of fossil fuels, this is the primary way in which the issue is addressed.

Analysis of Well Completion Data for Bakken Oil Wells

The following analysis uses “well completion information” contained in a newspaper called the Bakken Weekly, a paper covering western North Dakota.  The Bakken Weekly started providing well completion information for North Dakota counties in the Bakken region in early 2012.  The analysis below is for 2012/2013 from the week of April 1, 2012 through the week of Oct. 28, …

Commentary: Texas and Eagle Ford – Where the Action Is

A lot has been made in the media about how rapidly oil production is increasing in North Dakota due to development of tight oil in the Bakken Shale region of the state. Less has been made of the rapidly increasing oil production in Texas. According to United States Department of Energy/Energy Information Administration (US DOE/EIA) data, oil production is rising faster in Texas than it is in …

ASPO Commentary: US DOE/EIA Forecast Estimates Face Reality

Among the many assumptions of the US DOE/EIA in their recent U.S. forecasts, there is the major assumption that U.S. 48 States offshore oil production will increase over time. The production increase would come mostly, if not totally, from the deep-water Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

A Closer Look at Bakken and U.S. Oil Production

Recent US news reports have highlighted the fact that US oil production has been rising and is now higher than it has been in years. Reports that highlight the recent US oil production increase don't mention that oil production outside of Texas and North Dakota has actually declined in the last few years.

How reliable are U.S. Department of Energy oil production forecasts?

No individual or organization is always going to be right when it comes to projections of future oil production. What we should expect is that in general, an individual or organization should more often than not be within some reasonable range of the actual future production level. Unfortunately, the U.S. DOE/EIA’s projections are too frequently off by a substantial amount.

Bakken shale and U.S. oil production

On Sept. 25, 2011 National Public Radio’s All Things Considered program had a segment consisting of what I considered highly questionable information concerning oil production in the Bakken Shale region of North Dakota and U.S. oil production in general. The segment indicated that U.S. oil production would rise dramatically in the foreseeable future due to new technological developments. …

The President, the media, and oil supply

The public’s understanding of oil supply issues has not been enlightened by media coverage. From my perspective, the media does a terrible job of providing factual information concerning oil supply and oil price issues. Aspects of these issues appear to be taboo even for a media outlet such as National Public Radio which supposedly has the objective of educating the public about important …