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resilient communities.

The Agrihood Project

An agrihood is a housing development built around a market garden and food forest.

Our Permaculture Homestead

Join us for a beautiful and info-packed video tour of our permaculture homestead!

3 Keys to Starting A Successful Permaculture Based Business

“Find the intersection between your passions and your strengths and problems that need solving.”

7 Things You Should Know About Permaculture

What is permaculture? For those of you who’ve only heard of the term in passing, and ever for you seasoned “permies” who struggle to explain this exciting (and sometimes life-changing) idea to others, here’s the gist in 7 points.

Tips and Insights from Miracle Farms

Recently Michelle, Rowan, Naomi and I embarked on a cross-country train trip to attend a family reunion in the eastern townships of Quebec. With a little extra time left over after the festivities, I decided to connect with Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms for a day, having come across Stefan’s work in this amazing Youtube video:

Permaculture Business

I recently reached out to some of the best in the field to get their advice for those just starting out in permaculture, particularly around untapped opportunities and common barriers.

Investing Like an Ecosystem

Over the last few years, I have been formulating my opinion on how to approach investing and what do to with extra cash...Mulling all of this over (and with the help of a good forest analogy) I’ve recently developed a few key principles that I believe will help to guide good investment strategy.

Retrofitting a Small Town

For the last four years, I have been dreaming of retrofitting a small town...

From the bottom up - A DIY guide to wicking beds

Wicking beds are a unique and increasingly popular way to grow vegetables. They are self-contained raised beds with built-in reservoirs that supply water from the bottom up - changing how, and how much, you water your beds. In this article, we'll talk about how wicking beds work and why we love them. We'll also show you some great examples and leave you with ideas and instructions for creating …

The grass isn't greener

Obviously, the bright green, manicured lawn is a human invention - Mother Nature certainly doesn't use a lawnmower. So where did the grass lawn come from? Why do we work so hard to keep it green?