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Resilience and Collapse: Notes from Cyprus

Whatever we do in Cyprus doesn’t really stay in Cyprus. It’s like the effect gets multiplied and spread, from here to the nearby regions, and from there on.

On Public Health and Energy

Among the many radical changes that have transformed society since the birth of industrialism, perhaps none have had as great an impact as the revolution in health.

A peek at a possible post-peak oil future

Over the past decade, a number of thinkers have tried to imagine how a post peak-oil, energy-descent future might manifest.

On the Other Side of Collapse: Notes from the Island of Cyprus

Last year, Sofia witnessed first hand the near complete collapse of the island’s economy...

Catabolic Ephemeralization? Carson versus Greer

Last week, Kevin Carson, a political historian and theorist of the Mutualist tradition, took issue with the concept of catabolic collapse, a term coined a few years ago by the author John Michael Greer. Greer responded; the exchange that followed provided an illuminating look at two views of the future that actually share many qualities but which differ in important respects.

Six Climate Conflict Hotspots that Could Impact Everyone

As climate change, urbanization, water and energy shortages grow more acute, there are a number of places around the globe where climate instability and water shortages threaten to spark conflict that will have global geopolitical and economic implications. Here are 6 of them.

Path to a Renewable Future: Distributed or Centralized?

To what degree is it necessary, possible or desirable to rely on a massive, state, national or global-scale infrastructure build-out to save us from climate catastrophe and energy depletion?

The Microgrid Solution

“The move to the smart grid is impossible to achieve in one big operational mass,”...“Breaking it into bite-sized pieces — this is the future of the microgrid market.”

Review: Paradise Lot

In practice, self-reliance can be harder than permaculture experts sometimes make it sound. This is where Eric Toensmeier’s 'Paradise Lot' comes in. Anyone who finds him or herself discouraged in their permaculture garden efforts should take heart and read this book.

Water, oil and food – a crisis for Saudi Arabia and the world

A water crisis is unfolding in Saudi Arabia that could have profound implications for both the Saudi people and for the rest of the world.