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Double Jeopardy: Thousands of fracked gas wells over an active coal mine

Greene County is the second largest coal producing county in the country and is also home to thousands of gas wells. The people are the subjects of a grand energy experiment.

EcoChat: Gasland Part II: Courting Controversy, Driving a Movement

Gasland Part II, the highly anticipated anti-fracking documentary sequel, premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st.

Heroic Endeavor: NRDC Community Fracking Defense Project

Abandoned by the state of Pennsylvania and drilling company Rex Energy after the state’s testing found no evidence of groundwater contamination, distressed residents (whose well water is discolored and reeks, and whose families have suffered rashes and other ailments) had nowhere else to turn for clean water but their community. That’s when a group of area churches, including the Presbyterian …

Brewing better local economies with American craft beer

And this change in American beer starts at home, or nearly so, as craft beer really is a “local beer” phenomenon. This shift in consumer preferences and support for local craft beer is perfectly representing in a nanobrewery start-up called Community Beer Works (CBW) in Buffalo, NY. The CBW founders are using Kickstarter, social media and other fund raising techniques to make their brewery "an …