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Steps towards Fossil Fuel Redundancy

By replacing kerosene lamps with solar we can eliminate an entire category of carbon fuel use.

“The Oil and Gas Weapon Won’t Work”: Davis & Leggett on Ukraine

Before contemplating the use of US oil and gas as a strategic weapon, it might be useful to review a few key fundamentals.

Fears of global oil crisis aired at Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue

On 10 December, Lt Col Davis and I convened video-linked gatherings in Washington and London of people who share our concerns about the risk of a global oil crisis.

Why governments are blind to fossil fuel energy risk

Having courted economic Armageddon in the financial sector, might we be capable of repeating the trick in the energy sector? My answer is a resounding yes. We are doing so. On multiple fronts.

The crude fact

Peak oil is no academic debate: the $100 barrel is a harbinger of the energy shortage to come. What do we do if the producers start keeping their fast-dwindling resources in order to power up their own fast-expanding economies? An oil shock then risks turning into an energy famine.

Oil on the slide

We have had plenty of warnings about the consequences of an early peak in global oil production, but no one in Westminster seems to be listening.

Take to the fields

The tipping point of global oil production will be accompanied by a dire energy shock, and we will have to redefine the concept of farming

What they don't want you to know about the coming oil crisis

Long (10,000 word) and frank article adapted from the book, "Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Global Energy Crisis". Makes the problem case well, views will differ on his optimistic take on potential of renewables.

Running on empty at Rimini

How a bid to defuse the coming global peak-oil crisis was recently sidelined at a peak oil conference in Rimini, Italy.

The twilight zone

We've been warned about 'peak oil'- the day that heralds the end of cheap energy. It's the biggest threat to our lives and livelihoods, but no one is listening. Former industry insider Jeremy Leggett outlines the six reasons why we need to act now