Building a world of
resilient communities.

Feeling the Elephant

Most people have heard the Indian tale about the blind men and the elephant.

Looking for Some Answers

Jason Heppenstall looks for some ways to deal with the psychological aspects of collapse.

Resilience in the face of genocide

The Secret War on Laos remains one of the most shameful episodes of the 20th century.

How much is too much?

How much energy is too much energy?


What is coppicing? A lot of people are not familiar with this practice which has been employed for thousands of years in Britain and other temperate regions, so an explanation is in order.

Stabbing the beast

The two civilisation destroying situations we face are peak oil and climate change.

How to Avoid Being Eaten Alive

What do you do if your government is selling off the state’s assets, building a future famine machine and placing explosive nuclear detonators around your homeland?

Our Army of Invisible Helpers

If all the energy we currently derive from fossil fuels alone (i.e. not including nuclear or renewables) was suddenly unavailable, and we had at our disposal a few handy nearby planets populated with well-fed healthy adult human males that we could capture as our 'energy slaves', how many of them would we need to allow us to enjoy the same lifestyle currently being provided by fossil fuels?

Making an Iota of Difference

So, sustainable communities, to me, means keeping out of the way of things that are too big to fail.

Adios to Orange Blossom and Stranded Assets

I have just returned from Spain, where we had to go at short notice to give a farewell kiss to our stranded asset. Yes, our farmhouse, which had been the focus of all my dreams and efforts a few years back, was finally released from legal limbo land and the keys handed over to the happy new owners. We got back around half of what it cost us to buy it and do it up, but speaking with other …