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A History from the Future: A Prosperous Way Down

This is an excerpt from David Holmgren’s A History from the Future – a prelude to his upcoming book RetroSuburbia.

Samuel Alexander interviews David Holmgren

Recently I interviewed David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept, at his property in Hepburn, Victoria.

Crash on Demand: Pathways

The evidence that the global financial system is a not-so-slow moving train crash is getting stronger.

Crash on Demand: Energy Descent Scenarios

Many climate policy professionals and climate activists are now reassessing whether there is anything more they can do to help prevent the global catastrophe that climate change appears to be.

Crash on Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future

Permaculture teaching and activism have always aimed to work with those already interested in changing their lives, land and communities for the better, rather than proselytising the disinterested majority.

Permaculture pocket knives

I was challenged by a colleague about wearing a pocket knife, which he pointed out was illegal (without a genuine reason). This was news to me and intensified my feelings of alienation as a country person visiting the centre of a large city. What was the world coming to? But it also stimulated thought about what my genuine reasons for carrying a pocket knife in public might be and how …

Why I haven’t been flying (much)

Over three decades I have received many requests to travel across Australia and across the world to speak at a conference, teach a course or participate in some worthy event related to permaculture. My reluctance to travel long distances for short stays has meant I have had to turned down many of these invitations. In more recent years the reactions of invitees has moved from incredulity to …

Retrofitting the suburbs for the energy descent future

Sometimes well-meaning 'green' people like to imagine that the eco-cities of the future are going to look either like some techno-utopia - like the Jetson's, perhaps, except environmentally friendly - or some agrarian village, where everyone is living in cob houses that they built themselves. The fact is, however, that over the next few critical decades, most people are going to find …

Bee keeping for the energy descent future

The co-originator of permaculture is upbeat on the prospects for apiculture as a sustainable and resilient livelihood in the future. Bees are livestock that free range up to 2km from home across all boundaries and barriers, harvesting nectar and pollen sources using their own amazing intelligence and communication. Honey is a compact, self preserving store of wealth that makes an excellent …

Money vs fossil energy: the battle for control of the world

This essay [by the co-originator of the permaculture concept] provides a framework for understanding the ideological roots of the current global crisis that I believe is more useful than the now tired Left Right political spectrum. I use this framework to provide a commentary on current political machinations around Climate Change and Peak Oil. Building from the same energetic literacy that …