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Recognising Reality

It is now all but impossible to limit global warming to less than +2°C from pre-industrial temperatures. The hope offered by fossil fuel limitations and ecnomic slowdown is fading. We now have to consider life in a 4 °C warmer world.

Energy efficiency leads to higher CO2 emissions?

Increasing the energy efficiency allows us to pay a higher price per unit energy. This enables higher ultimate production of fossil fuels with their associated CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

New UK Energy Minister and the continuing decline in energy production

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published their quarterly Energy Trends document last week. It covers up to the first quarter 2010...It’s a familiar story: every year the UK’s primary energy production declines significantly. Today, primary energy production is almost half what it was at the peak just a decade ago. Has any other country, let alone major economy …

Natural gas, the green choice?

Natural gas is regarded as a relatively environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. Gas burns cleanly without many of the problems associated with coal.

Sixth annual ASPO conference – Cork, Ireland Sept 17-18

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th of September, Cork, Ireland hosts the sixth annual international conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO).

Peak oil at the movies: Oil Crash & Crude Impact

Reviews of two recently released documentaries.

Dr James Hansen: Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change?

Dr James Hansen NASA's lead climate scientist spoke recently to a packed lecture theatre at Bristol University. Chris Vernon gives a detailed account of the presentation and asks Hansen about peak oil.

Interview with Chris Cook, originator of the Iranian oil bourse

"We were looking at a truly international solution, it was never an Iranian solution in the first place, it was a middle-eastern solution, and we see that in the context of a global market, which has got worse than in June 2001, it has become more volatile, more risky and is leading to more profits at the expense of the producers and consumers, the trouble is that none of these profits are …

Jonathon Porritt: peak oil and climate change

Speaking to approximately 1000 people at the Hay Festival, the message of the long-time environmentalist was powerful and well received. He described climate change and peak oil as “two riders of the apocalypse”

Peak oil letter from UK energy minister

UK Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks responded to a letter about peak from PowerSwitch. He dismissed peak before 2030, provided the necessary investments are made.