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Energy Efficiency Markets

Improving efficiency is almost always easier and cheaper than generating new power, so efficiency should be our first target in energy transition. But it’s usually the last.

The Outlook for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are all the rage right now, and hopes are high that we might finally be able to transition off of oil and on to electric cars…preferably, cars powered by clean renewable electricity and not by coal-fired grid power.

China’s Energy Future

To understand the trajectory of the world’s energy transition effort, we have to understand what’s happening in China.

The Oracle of Oil

Many have heard of peak oil, but few seem to understand what it really means, and fewer still know much of anything about the father of the idea, M. King Hubbert.

Energy Access for the Developing World

What’s the best way to bring energy to those in the developing world who lack it?

Grid Architecture of the Future

What kind of grid architecture and markets will we need in order to actually operate the distributed, decentralized grid of the future?

Macro Outlook for 2016

A full-spectrum romp through the macroeconomic context with guest Gregor Macdonald.

Energy Return on Investment with Dave Murphy

 The guest on Chris' show this week is Dave Murphy, Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University and an expert on the topic of energy return on investment.

Transition from Oil

Mark Lewis, Former senior analyst for energy, climate, and sustainability research, Kepler Cheuvreux; former head of energy commodities research, Deutsche Bank.

Winning the Carbon War

Chris is joined by Jeremy Leggett to dicsuss his personal frontline account of the ongoing civil war between rnewables and fossil fuels and of the cliamte change negotiations.