Building a world of
resilient communities.

In Conversation: Justice & Equity After Fossil Fuels

The transition to 100% renewable energy raises profound questions for the future of justice and equity...

On Standing Rock and the Ballot Box

Though it may sound like a cliché, real change rests on our shoulders as citizens, community members, and even as consumers.

Post Carbon Institute's Asher Miller on the Sustainability & Resilience of Our Food System

I feel inordinately lucky to be able to do this work - despite the fact that it often feels overwhelming or frightening.

In Conversation: Food After Fossil Fuels

While its slice of the overall energy pie may seem relatively low, the modern American food system is figuratively awash in fossil fuels.

In Conversation: Consumerism After Fossil Fuels

 What will consumerism be like in a post fossil fuels future?

Is Peak Oil Dead and What Does it Mean for Climate Change?

This session seeks to bring together fossil fuel experts and climate experts for a daring exploration of the new landscape created by fracking and other unconventional methods of fossil fuel recovery.

Six Foundations – Presentation to Community Action Partnership

American towns and cities face a series of economic, environmental, and social justice challenges that hit the most disadvantaged communities especially hard.

La Grande Négociation: While we Bargain, our Ultimate Fate Comes Down to Acceptance

I have to confess a certain reluctance in sharing my views about the Paris climate talks, knowing as I do that it’s all too easy to judge from a distance while so many wonderful, dedicated colleagues are in Paris trying to ensure that some kind of meaningful, tangible progress is achieved at COP21.

What are the Essential Elements for Successfully Building Community Resilience?

Introducing Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience, PCI’s new report which describes how communities can approach the full scope of the 21st century’s challenges equitably and sustainably.

On Halloween costumes and Christmas cups

If offensive Halloween costumes and throwaway holiday coffee cups can generate this much discord and animosity, what happens when Americans are faced with far more complex and challenging situations?