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Giant Craters in the Siberian Permafrost

Russian scientists have determined that a massive crater discovered in a remote part of Siberia was probably caused by thawing permafrost.

Onshore Wind Power Is Now Cheapest Form Of New Electricity In Denmark

A new analysis from the government of Denmark found that wind power is by far the cheapest new form of electricity in the country.

The red hot renewable that could incite a green power revolution

Earlier this year, researchers in Iceland found a new way to transform the heat generated by volcanic magma into electricity.

The First Island in The World to be Powered Fully by Wind And Water

The smallest and southernmost of Spain’s Canary Islands is about to make an outsized mark on the path toward a more renewable energy-powered future.

Exxon Is Behind The Landmark Climate Report You Didn’t Hear About

Climate change is already impacting all continents. But it isn’t yet impacting all companies.

Study: 2ºC Warming Is Enough To Seriously Hurt Crop Yields

As farmers sow this year’s crops, they may be distracted by the fact that by the 2030s — just over 15 years from now — crop yields in temperate and tropical regions will suffer significantly due to climate change.

The Dead Tree That’s Bringing Drought To Life

This 38-foot-tall cedar elm, meant to bring attention to the crippling drought that has severely depleted reservoirs, bled dry important fluvial arteries, and killed more trees than there are people in America, bears a solemn burden.

An Inside Look At Living In One Of The World’s Most Sustainable Cities

Over 15 years ago, Melbourne mounted a long-term campaign to change the way it uses energy and has attracted international acclaim for its commitment to sustainability.

Climate change’s silver bullet?

Interview with one of the world’s top geoengineering scholars.“The potential risks are enormous... and it’s attracting a flood of interest from scientists, venture capitalists and oil companies.”

Interview: Author William deBuys On Climate Change In The Southwest

As part of my summer reporting project on energy and climate change in the Southwest, I had the pleasure of driving deep into the heart of the Santa Fe National Forest and interviewing deBuys at his home about an hour and a half from Santa Fe. We discussed how he ended up in a far-removed mountain hamlet in New Mexico, what drove him to write his most recent book, and what the biggest …