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EU Referendum: 2 Transitioners debate 'In' or 'Out'

There is just over a week to go until the UK votes on whether it wants to stay in the European Union, or to leave.

Review: The Art of Fermentation

“Between fresh and rotten,” says Sandor Ellix Katz, “there is a creative space in which some of the most compelling of flavours arise.”

Our watershed moment

We humans need water for life, we love it for leisure, we make art out of it; yet we also waste it, dirty it, privatise it, use it as a weapon and, most dangerously, stir it up brutally in the form of manmade climate change.

Ukraine: Challenging the pipelines narrative

As a former correspondent in Kiev, Moscow and Georgia I find the attempt to link the Ukraine conflict with pipelines and natural resources is highly debatable.

Green vs. Transition Towns

The green political movement and the transition movement could be said to share broadly the same objectives, but could the transition movement stand a better chance of changing people’s mindsets? Two transition activists from North London discuss their work.

The Arctic: a personal reflection

“Ice doesn't vote. Ice doesn't contribute to any political party. It just melts.”

Fracking – a tale of gas and greed and global warming

Every now and again it seems like a solution has been found to our energy problems, one that will allow us all to go on consuming (and wasting!) for decades, if not forever. In the last few years shale gas has bubbled to the top of the pile and is now being widely touted by the oil and gas industry as: a) a clean, green alternative to coal and oil; b) proof that Peak Oil/Gas is many years off; …

Is this the greenest government ever?

This will be “the greenest government ever” said David Cameron exactly a year ago. The bar set by the previous Labour government was low. Incredibly, even with the supposedly eco-friendly Liberal Democrats in government, it looks like this coalition will go under that bar.

Ten reasons why new nuclear was a mistake – even before Fukushima

There are greener, cheaper, more secure, quicker to install, safer alternatives to new nuclear so don’t let yourself be persuaded that it’s the only solution. It’s not.

An interview with Alexis Rowell, author of ‘Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future’

A Transition council would be one where politicians and officers are fully aware of the implications of climate change and peak oil; where the community and council have a plan for life after cheap oil; where the council acts as an enabling force for community groups and as a liberator of new ideas from the community; where the council’s leaders put the local area and the planet before the …