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California Drought: Is this the big one?

Rainstorms finally arrived in California...but the big reservoirs are still pitifully low, and snow pack is less than a quarter of normal. Hundreds of thousands of acres will not be planted, and food bills will likely go up in North America, and possibly around the world.

Radio Ecoshock: Crash on Demand with David Holmgren and Nicole Foss

Do we need to break the system to save the climate? Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren says "yes", in rare radio interview. Then Nicole Foss replies. Plus Alex's climate music.

Over the Climate Cliff

Alex is joined by Cam Walker, Friends of Earth Australia, Dr. David A. Lavers, and author Alan Weisman.    

The Fracking low-down

True stories from Walter Brasch, author of "Fracking Pennsylvania", plus Helen Rimmer from FOE UK and Sandra Steingraber.

Power Down or Power Shift?

Did fracking kill off Peak Oil? Or just the world's hope of alternative energy? Coming up, energy guru Richard heinberg on his new book "Snake oil, How Fracking's False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future."

Preparing Personal Solutions

Radio Ecoshock is back with more local solutions for global problems - from the Mother Earth News Fair.

Becoming an Ecopreneur

From the Mother Earth News Fair, we hear about Life on the "Farmstead." Lisa Kivirist turns her dreams of small-scale food into a real living in Wisconsin. Lisa has tips for us all.

Who Will Control the Climate of the World?

For all who love a conspiracy, geoengineering has it all. The oil companies, far-right think-tanks, nuclear weapons scientists, and even Bill Gates.

Unburnable: Risky Fossil Fuel Investments & Climate Crisis

Two new reports say climate change could cause the next financial crisis.  From London, Bob Ward, LSE lead author of "Unburnable: Carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets." Australia's Climate Institute, John Connor on coal's risky future.  Plus Nancy LaPlaca: why sunny Arizona burns coal. 

How Will We Power the Future?

In-depth interview with Nobel Laureate Robert B. Laughlin on his book "Powering the Future: How We Will Eventually Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow." Dr. Rose M. Cory's new science on positive feedback loop discovered in the melting Arctic.