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Ur-ganic: An Alpine Township Considers Banning Pesticides

Should agricultural pesticides be banned to protect the health of the residents, the surrounding ecosystem and the integrity of the township's historical agricultural practices?

Foodshed as New Democracy

As the local food movement, or...local food movements have taken root in the U.S. during recent years, advocates have discovered the need to express this evolving “locus focus” in new ways.

Cultivating Values on the College Farm, or, Revisionist History Has No Future

So why did a small college going the extra mile to be humane and sustainable face an orchestrated avalanche of wrath when it planned to slaughter two of its admittedly iconic oxen?

A Foodshed View of Resilience

“Resilience” may be a somewhat new term in the lexicon of forward-thinkers, but the concept is by no means entirely new, and it has a direct tie to another useful word: “foodshed.”

COMMUNITY RESILIENCE CHATS: "Rebuilding the Foodshed" with Philip Ackerman-Leist and Asher Miller

 Want to start a community-owned café, solar array, or investment fund but don’t know where to start? Join our Community Resilience Webinars.

So Much Wasted Energy - Rethinking food waste

Regardless of terminology, one point is writ clear: the most technologically and economically advanced cultures in the world have the highest rates of food waste on the planet

Counting the Calories and calories

 As soon as we step out of our homes in pursuit of food, we cross an energy threshold that is worth considering.

Rethinking hot dinners and cold drinks

Data sometimes hurts, especially when it hits home. Just when it seemed like we could blame the farmer, the processor, and the distributor for our food energy woes, lo and behold, our constant culinary vacillations between hot and cold have conspired to put the American kitchen in the crosshairs of our food energy hunt.

Food ENERGY: Processing

It is difficult to say whether our eating habits are driven by changes in the food system or vice versa.

Food Movement: Wheels, Water, Rail, and Air

When we hit the distribution issue, we see the challenge of taking on the Goliaths of the food world with nothing but a slingshot in the form of a pickup truck.