Building a world of
resilient communities.

The Benefits of Localism

A “pollinator” is a social enterprise with an explicit mission to support other local businesses—and it does so in a way that is self-financing.

Top 10 Reasons to Read “Vermont Dollars, Vermont Sense"

Whether or not you live in Vermont this new handbook presents 28 specific tools for promoting local investment, and presents examples of people, initiatives, and programs in Vermont carrying out each of them.

The Latest Trends in Sustainable Communities

Solutions invited two pioneers in local and regional economic development to discuss new trends in sustainable communities.

Locally Invested

Developing an investment paradigm for the future that’s rooted in local business and healthy food, first with Michael Shuman, and Slow Money with Carol Peppe Hewitt.

Michael Shuman: "I would say that we are winning"

I mostly follow evidence inside the United States and from that I would say that we are winning. There’s just been study after study that’s come out showing that localisation is good for job growth and good for per capita income growth, good for reducing poverty and good for environmental restoration, good for resilience.

The Benefits of Deploying Investment Capital Locally Vs Wall Street

How do we find hope and meaning in a world where the powerful look out for themselves first, second, and always?

Creating Local Wealth

 A recording of Michael Shuman's talk to kick of New Economy Week.

24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 21-24

 Move your money from Wall Street to main street with these tips from Michael Shuman.

24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 17-20

 4 tips on how to work with others to build your local economy. From our series to celebrate New Economy Week.

24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 13-16

 4 tips for moving your money to support your local economy in New Economy Week.