Building a world of
resilient communities.

Ebola as a game-changer

In crises, anxiety focuses attention. I am continuing to focus on the growing Ebola epidemic, which has no real restraints to keep it from becoming a global pandemic.

Stop Growing or Meet the Four Horsemen?

Americans are now receiving unsubtle messages from the universe that perhaps we have reached our limits, and it is time to stop trying to grow the economy.

Self-organising societies

If we are to have any future society, it will be a more cooperative and self-organizing one.

Fitting into nature - or not

How can we personally steward our small corner of the earth, in opposition to the last fumes of destructive industrial society?

Care for the earth

Are values more important during times of scarcity, and how must our values change if we are to survive?

Energy, ecology & economics–part III

Consider the future with less fossil fuel. How can a lower energy lifestyle be peaceful and prosperous?

The flap about space travel

(Spoiler alert!) Why is the movie Gravity so scary to some people...?

Energy, Ecology, & Economics — Part II

The more we expand our populations and built space over the landscape, the less the biosphere can offer its free services to the human economy.

Energy, ecology, and economics revisited

The late ecologist, H. T. Odum developed the concept of net energy - necessary to understand the underlying energetic basis for society.  Yet net energy is often misunderstood, typically through optimistic measures of valuation that do not address the hidden inputs.

The transformity of personal action

What is the transformity of my personal action?