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Are you anti-science if you don't like GMOs?

If you oppose something produced as a result of scientific research, does that make you anti-science? GMO critics are often accused of this, but the accusation is really a smokescreen.

M. King Hubbert and the future of peak oil

A new biography reveals the man most associated with the idea of peak oil to be a subtle and flexible thinker far ahead of his time. His insights remain critical today as the "Don't worry, be happy" chorus continues to attempt to distract us from key resource and climate issues that endanger our global society.

GMO industry: The dumbest guys in the room

By embracing the GMO labeling bill currently before the U.S. Congress, the GMO industry is about to make another a public relations mistake that will haunt it for years to come.

Brexit and the energy equation

Neglected in the analysis of Brexit is the role energy supply and prices have played in depressing productivity growth and wages, intensifying the discontent of those whose prospects have been undermined by competition from low-wage workers abroad.

Disconnect: Congressional hawks hate sustainability, but love military that seeks it

Why does the U.S. military establishment take environmental threats seriously and act on them in such a thoroughgoing fashion while the military's strongest congressional supporters are the most ardent opponents of sustainable practices?

Can the world go all-electric?

Recently, word leaked out that Norway may ban the sale of diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles by 2025. The move toward electric vehicles is part of a dream shared by those concerned about climate change and about fossil fuel depletion (especially oil depletion), namely, turn the world into one big all-electric paradise. Run everything we can on electricity.

The faux insurgency of the climate change deniers and the need for closure

Climate change deniers like to style themselves as latter-day Copernicuses and Galileos, lone visionaries bucking the established wisdom of the ages embodied back then in the teachings of the Catholic Church. But neither Copernicus nor Galileo had giant international oil and coal companies supporting them with tens of millions of dollars of annual public relations expenditures and scores of …

Saudi Arabia is planning for the post-oil era, why not the United States?

The world's largest exporter of crude oil, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently announced a plan for its post-oil future. If a country almost synonymous with the oil economy can see the need for such a plan, how can the rest of the world, particularly the United States, the world's largest consumer of petroleum, not see the necessity of such foresigh

We are all Albertans now

Vilifying Alberta's tar sands operations because of the climate-change related wildfires now scorching the province is a misreading of how climate change proceeds and a facile strategy for shifting blame away from all of us who continue to create demand for the oil the tar sands produce.

Why a "modern" can't understand the risks we face

The modern seems unaware of what I've called the chief intellectual challenge of our age, namely, that we live in complex systems, but we don't understand complexity.