Building a world of
resilient communities.

Review: Autumn Night and Other Tales of the Future by Randall S. Ellis

In the century and a half since transcendentalist thinker Henry David Thoreau first coined the term “voluntary poverty,” it has been variously a buzzword, a meme within environmental circles and a dreaded epithet smelling of sacrifice and deprivation.

Into Eternity: A Film for the Future (documentary film review)

There's a growing sense that we modern-day humans are morally obligated to protect our descendants from the hazards of our nuclear waste. Yet the task of providing this protection may be a fool's errand.

Review of After Oil: SF Visions Of A Post-Petroleum World (short story collection edited by John Michael Greer)

'After Oil: SF Visions Of A Post-Petroleum World' is a short story collection edited by John Michael Greer.

Review: Cold, Hungry and in the Dark by Bill Powers and Snake Oil by Richard Heinberg

There has always seemed to be something deeply wrong with fracking for oil and natural gas.

Review: The Five Stages of Collapse by Dmitry Orlov

It’s starting to seem like the sensible approach is to get out of the awareness-raising business entirely and focus our energies instead on providing practical guidance to those who are willing to hear it

Review: The Blood of the Earth by John Michael Greer

It was as an inquisitive young man during the 1970s that John Michael Greer—now an accomplished author and an indispensable source of wisdom on things both worldly and otherworldly—began to question the world around him.

Book Review: Supply Shock by Brian Czech

Of all the proposed solutions to the conundrum of perpetual growth in a finite world, one stands out for its straightforwardness and frankness. It is the notion of a steady state economy...

Review: The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality by Gahan Hanmer

Self-reliant, “intentional” communities, as they're often now called, have been around for centuries. They have come in a myriad of forms, including monasteries, secular communes, co-ops, cohousing communities and many others.

Making Movies - Apr 19

•Mother: Caring for 7 Billion - Teaser - Free Streaming of Director's Cut •Do the Math Documentary Premieres on Earth Night, April 21 •Growing Cities Movie

Review: A Place Beyond Man and The Webs of Varok – the first two books in Cary Neeper’s Archives of Varok series

When Cary Neeper first published excerpts of her novel The Webs of Varok on, one commenter dismissed the work as being “merely a polemic pretending to be a novel.” Only the first charge is correct. The book clearly is an impassioned polemic against the extravagance and destructiveness of industrial society, but it’s hardly “pretending to be a …