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Review: Dark Peak by George R. Fehling

George R. Fehling's novel Dark Peak is both an effective thriller and a heartfelt eco-polemic.

Into the Ruins Issue 2: Review

Science fiction fans who pine for stories grounded in reality, rather than in the techno-fantasies that prevail in most other science fiction, will find much to like in Into the Ruins.

Review: Dark Gold by Carolyn Baker

In her current work, Baker helps others prepare emotionally and spiritually for the difficult future humanity faces as our ecological crisis deepens. Her latest book, Dark Gold, examines the role that she believes shadow work can play in this journey.

Review of After Oil 4: The Future's Distant Shores

Last year, author John Michael Greer posed a fascinating challenge to participants in his annual science fiction writing contest.

Into the Ruins: Review

Those who enjoy fiction set in the deindustrial future should check out Into the Ruins.

Pre-publication review of The Harrows of Spring by James Howard Kunstler

And so it ends. With The Harrows of Spring, James Howard Kunstler officially draws his acclaimed World Made by Hand fictional series to a close.

Review: The Oracle of Oil by Mason Inman

The focal point of The Oracle of Oil is Hubbert’s distinction as the first person to recognize the phenomenon of peak oil.

Review: The Age of Consequences by Courtney White

White strives to show how small, practical steps like these, rather than ever-more-grandiose advancements in industrial-age technology, are the real answer to meeting the calamities before us.

Review: The Schizophrenic Society by Roger Boyd

The society being referred to as “schizophrenic” here is industrial society.

A Review of Books 2 and 3 in the After Oil Science Fiction Anthology Series

This year saw the publication of not one, but two, more worthy additions to the After Oil science fiction anthology series.