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A review of James Kunstler’s The Long Emergency 10 years later

When James Howard Kunstler’s The Long Emergency came out in 2005, it was at once terrifying and riveting, like a nightmare whose outcome must be discovered despite the difficulty of braving through it.

Review: The World After Cheap Oil

Written by Finnish energy analysts Rauli Partanen, Harri Paloheimo and Heikki Waris, The World After Cheap Oil offers an exhaustive, up-to-date dissection of the world oil situation.

Review: Don't Even Think About It by George Marshall

Unlike most books on the subject, which try to convince people using science, Don't Even Think About It examines why the science doesn't convince people.

Review: The Alien Effect by Cary Neeper

There’s a lot in Cary Neeper’s Archives of Varok novels. They are by turns wondrous, wise, witty, tense and gripping—all in service of a heartfelt environmental polemic.

Review: Star's Reach, Not the Future We Ordered, and Decline and Fall

It's to John Michael Greer's immense credit that his work examines aspects of our collective cultural life few others dare touch–and does so more deeply than anyone else's work does.

Review: A History of the Future by James Kunstler

In the category of thrilling fiction about our post-industrial future, James Howard Kunstler’s World Made By Hand novels have no equal.

Review: The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier

For some years now, author and farmer Jean-Martin Fortier has lived rather comfortably with his family entirely off the proceeds of their market garden in Québec, Canada.

'Stand' a documentary film about British Columbia's threatened coast (review)

The idea of blending sports action with a story about the Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project first came to filmmakers Anthony Bonello and Nicolas Teichrob not long after Hann’s paddling adventure.

Chasing Ice (documentary film review)

If compelling scientific evidence isn't sufficient to change the minds of people in the most powerful and second highest CO2-emitting nation in the world, wonder these experts, then what is? Nature photographer James Balog may have found one answer.

Review: Autumn Night and Other Tales of the Future by Randall S. Ellis

In the century and a half since transcendentalist thinker Henry David Thoreau first coined the term “voluntary poverty,” it has been variously a buzzword, a meme within environmental circles and a dreaded epithet smelling of sacrifice and deprivation.