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Ferguson Falls Apart

What happened in Ferguson could happen where you live, for while race and poverty are important, this tragedy seems to have fed off more pervasive flaws in the culture.

Using plants to clean contaminated soil

What we need is a device that can suck toxins out of the soil and either turn them into something harmless, or concentrate them in something lightweight and removable.

How to make bad wine into good vinegar

If you buy your booze from a store, “wine” refers only to grapes, but you can make wine or beer from almost any edible plant and some inedible ones.

Striving for “dis-sensus": Economics, Energy and Environment Conference review

Greer, others speak at London School of Economic Science.

Use Whitewash Instead of Paint for Traditional Look and No Toxins

Whitewashing was used on buildings here in Ireland into the late 20th century, only recently replaced by more dubious alternatives.

Working with straw

These days, human-scale straw bales have been largely replaced by mammoth cylinders that require mammoth farm equipment; another way we have used the cheap energy of recent decades to burn our bridges.

Ancient technique lets forests produce timber without killing trees

A prehistoric squirrel, it is said, could have scampered from Norway to Singapore without touching the ground, so dense was the carpet of trees that stretched across the world.

The real social network

The other night I saw the end of a life well-lived. I didn’t know him; I just saw his funeral.

Simpler ways to stay warm

We use many times more energy keeping warm than our ancestors did...

Keeping Warm in the Deep Freeze

Consider, then, that people lived for thousands of years in wintry lands without a thermostat to crank, or without any modern fuel or technology, and obviously did not all freeze to death – nor were they even necessarily uncomfortable.