Building a world of
resilient communities.

Working with straw

These days, human-scale straw bales have been largely replaced by mammoth cylinders that require mammoth farm equipment; another way we have used the cheap energy of recent decades to burn our bridges.

Ancient technique lets forests produce timber without killing trees

A prehistoric squirrel, it is said, could have scampered from Norway to Singapore without touching the ground, so dense was the carpet of trees that stretched across the world.

The real social network

The other night I saw the end of a life well-lived. I didn’t know him; I just saw his funeral.

Simpler ways to stay warm

We use many times more energy keeping warm than our ancestors did...

Keeping Warm in the Deep Freeze

Consider, then, that people lived for thousands of years in wintry lands without a thermostat to crank, or without any modern fuel or technology, and obviously did not all freeze to death – nor were they even necessarily uncomfortable.

Apocalypse 2012: The one-year anniversary of Nothing Happened Day

The modern world has made us more susceptible to superstition in other ways; when we spend most of our time staring at glowing rectangles rather than living in the real world...

Getting the Most Out of Christmas

Here’s a question: how many second gifts do you remember from your childhood Christmases? How many third or fourth gifts?

How to cope with total failure

Try learning how to do things at home – make jam and cheese, weave a basket, build a shed or keep chickens – and you fall on your face many times before succeeding...

Foraging for mushrooms

Just as a few of our elderly neighbours here in Ireland still scour the hedgerows for fruit and other treats, so some still quietly gather their own mushrooms.

Nothing Needs to be Wasted

The first way to cut food waste, obviously, is to use as much as possible, whether store-bought or from your garden.