Building a world of
resilient communities.

The Shadows of the Cave

Some of us prefer sun and wind and depth and color to the play of shadows on the walls of the cave.

The Heresy of Intellectual Choice

The heresy of technological choice is a door.

Retrotopia: A Visit to the Capitol

“Excellent. I’ll offer just one correction: we haven’t succeeded as well as we have despite ignoring the economic advice of the World Bank and so forth. We’ve done so precisely because we’ve ignored their advice.”

Retrotopia: Inflows and Outputs

Our narrator visits a city power plant that runs on an unexpected fuel source and a stock market subject to even less familiar rules...

The Patience of the Sea

America just now, after all, has more than a little in common with an October day in Ocean City.

Retrotopia: A Question of Subsidies

It was an interesting ride, in an odd way.

Retrotopia: The Scent of Ink on Paper

Our narrator, roaming the streets of the capitol of the Lakeland Republic, visits a newsstand and a public library, and discovers that information and knowledge are two different things...

A Landscape of Dreams

One of the core themes of the Retrotopia narrative I’ve been developing here over the last month or so is the yawning gap between the abstract notion of progress that we all have in our heads and the rather less pleasant realities to which this notion has been assigned.

Retrotopia: A Change of Habit

The other thing that startled me as I wandered the streets was how little advertising there was.

Retrotopia: Public Utilities, Private Goods

Our narrator, having arrived in the capital of the Lakeland Republic, discovers that things are even stranger there than he thought...