Building a world of
resilient communities.

Paris: How Can we Start Unpicking the Spiral of Humiliation and Violence?

So long as our default setting is determined by humiliation and depends on inflicting humiliation, we will continue to cycle and to undermine humanity's ability to flourish. Breaking that cycle is vital. It starts here.

Rainwater Harvesting in São Paulo, Brazil

Residents of two very different neighbourhoods come together to learn to safely harvest, filter and store rainwater in the face of the worst drought on record.

Scaling up Transition in Peterborough

Like many Transition, and other changemaking initiatives around the world, Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) has been giving some serious thought to how it might scale up its impacts.

Crystal Palace Food Market, England

It is possible to create bottom up infrastructure that can deliver locally sourced sustainable food on a significant scale.

The Transition Story: Time to Stop Talking about Climate Change?

The thought I want to seed in your brain today is whether a more skilful way to inspire a response to climate change is to spend less time talking about climate change.

21 Stories of Transition: Potager Alhambra

A Brussels neighbourhood experiencing the daily impacts of being a red light district responds by creating a new food garden!

Why COP 21 Matters, and Why I'm Going

Are we expecting COP21 to be that moment of fireworks and dancing elephants, a 'Great Change Moment', when people dance in the street and subsequently put plaques up to immortalise the moment for their grandchildren? If we are, we're missing the point.

Julie Brown on Food and Fairness

 What would a fair food system look like?

Permaculture, Climate & Survival

From 15th Annual International Permaculture Convergence in London, September 9th, 2015: "Cool Talk" by Albert Bates from The Farm in Tennessee.

"Seeing Prisons as One Massive Design Opportunity"

My perspective on the prison system is that it’s inherently violent.