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Flying to the US: was it worth it?

What I haven't yet seen is someone who did fly, writing with hindsight about whether the journey was worthwhile or not.

The Unstoppable Rise of the Movie "Demain"

The rise of the film 'Demain' appears unstoppable.

New film: '8 days @ COP21'

We are delighted to present our new film, '8 days @ COP21'. It captures those days last December when the climate negotiations took place in Paris, and the experiences of some of the Transitioners who were there.

On Having a Great Vision, and Not 'Blowing an Uncertain Trumpet'

A dream is a fantasy, an aspiration that has yet to touch the ground. We have them all the time. A vision has power to it.

Budget 2016: What we are Facing isn't a Financial Crisis, but a Crisis of the Imagination

A budget to stimulate the imagination, now wouldn't that be a thing?

Introducing 'International' - and Some Reflections on Brexit/Bremain

Our theme for the next 2 months is 'International'.  With the Transition movement now being active in over 50 countries, it feels like a good time to pause and reflect on how that is working, what it looks like, and the many wonderful things, and the challenges, that arise from that.

An Evening at La Recyclerie

In which I visit an extraordinary venue in Paris and find myself painted on a window.

My Personal Burnout Audit

In the same spirit that George Monbiot publishes his 'Registry of Interests' showing who pays him to do what, I am going to attempt an honest evaluation... of how I manage balance and burnout in my own life.

How Amazon Debases our Language, and How we can Take it Back

As regular readers here will be aware, when left to determine their own futures, local town economies, neighbourhood economies in urban areas, can be 'fulfilment centres' in the good meaning of the word, meeting their needs in the round, while doing so with virtually no public funding, and paying their taxes.

What Makes a Good Export?

By choosing to live more simply, more kindly, more compassionately, while such an approach would inevitably reduce our physical exports, we need to bear in mind that we would end up exporting something far more important, long-lasting and needed.