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Learning from Japan's Edo Period: What Is Just Enough?

This seems to be an oxymoron to us – how is it possible to have a better quality of life without consuming more?

Knowing what 'just enough' is

One of the most extraordinary books I have read in recent years is Just Enough: lessons in living green from traditional Japan by Azby Brown.

My year without Amazon

Exactly a year ago today I wrote a piece on this blog called The day I closed my Amazon account. It set out why, and how, I had decided that Amazon was so at odds with my values that I was withdrawing my support for good 

One Minute Review: Incredible! by Pam Warhurst & Joanna Dobson

Incredible!: Plant Veg, Grow a Revolution is the story of Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET), the food-growing project in Yorkshire which has inspired people around the world to look at their urban spaces in a very different way.

Unveiling the 2014 Transition Christmas TV Advert

I have sometimes been asked "if you had a prime time TV advertising slot to promote Transition, what would you put on it?"

Review: Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything

We are all striving to create communities that create more life, rather than destroy it.

Introducing the Scottish Community Empowerment Bill...

The Community Empowerment Bill needs to be seen as part of a wider portfolio of measures designed to invest local people with more resource and opportunities to have greater control over their communities

The Power of a Plan B

When Hay on Wye was threatened with a new supermarket in what appeared to be a cosy done deal between the local authority and a developer, a group of local people responded with a 'Plan B For Hay', bringing together architects, lawyers, designers and campaigners to create an alternative, viable, more popular scheme.

Carrots among the concrete: the role of urban agriculture

Urban agriculture is cutting edge. It’s what we need right now.

Helping shape the planning process

 Transition Market Harborough's attempts to influence development in their town.