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Emmanuel and Elizabeth at Pocheco: "Let's change everything"

When you ring Pocheco, a company that makes 2 billion envelopes a year in their factory close to Lille in France, the holding message describes Pocheco as "the first ecolonomic factory in the world".

Film review: 'This Changes Everything'

Although the title is 'This Changes Everything', you are left with the sense that very little is actually changing for the better at all.

Bristol Energy Cooperative: "it felt right for us to be ambitious"

When we fit solar on community buildings, the buildings get cheaper and greener electricity, local people can obviously invest in what we’re doing, and we’ve set up a community fund that will cross-subsidise other energy projects, and indeed, community projects more generally.

7 things a Local Entrepreneur Forum can unlock

 What can a Local Entrepeneur Forum do for a local Transition group and the surrounding community?

The Beer that Innoculates against Philip Green

Craft beer as economic development? Absolutely. Read on.

Flying to the US: was it worth it?

What I haven't yet seen is someone who did fly, writing with hindsight about whether the journey was worthwhile or not.

The Unstoppable Rise of the Movie "Demain"

The rise of the film 'Demain' appears unstoppable.

New film: '8 days @ COP21'

We are delighted to present our new film, '8 days @ COP21'. It captures those days last December when the climate negotiations took place in Paris, and the experiences of some of the Transitioners who were there.

On Having a Great Vision, and Not 'Blowing an Uncertain Trumpet'

A dream is a fantasy, an aspiration that has yet to touch the ground. We have them all the time. A vision has power to it.

Budget 2016: What we are Facing isn't a Financial Crisis, but a Crisis of the Imagination

A budget to stimulate the imagination, now wouldn't that be a thing?