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The unstoppable rise of 'Demain'

The film 'Demain' ('Tomorrow') is proving to be one of the most remarkable catalysts for Transition and other bottom-up approaches that has ever been made.

"To see the new economy through a glass of beer..."

A new economic model is emerging...Am I talking about the Degrowth movement? Or Transition? No. The craft beer movement.

Learning From the Past in Kensal and Kilburn

Oral histories have been something that has fascinated the Transition movement since the outset.

The Urban Farmer: Review

Curtis Stone's brilliant new book 'The Urban Farmer', is one of the most important contributions to Transition thinking over the last 10 years...

A Transition review, in 7 Episodes, of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Like so very many people, I fell for the hype and took my kids to see the new Star Wars film...I thought it might be fun to ease my way back into 2016 blogging by offering some Transition-related thoughts on it.

Touching the Earth

It feels to me that we find ourselves in a new world.

Rob Reports from COP21 in Paris: Day Seven

Today was the most thought-provoking day, at times viscerally so.

Rob Hopkins report from COP21 in Paris: Day Two

It was a magical moment, which in spite of the Paris police's ban on "outdoor activities", showed the creativity, positivity and comradeship that coming together can generate.

Book Review: Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-Porn Addicts

Phillips would have you believe that Transition/Degrowth/anti-consumerism thinking has taken over the world, that he is alone in holding out against this tide of babbling unreason.

Zarzalejo Futuro: future scenarios

What does it look like when Transition meets the 15M movement in the context of a mountain village in the centre of Spain?