Building a world of
resilient communities.

The Catalytic Effect of Community-led Action

Transition groups and other local community-led initiatives play a key role in engaging with and mobilizing local communities.

Measuring wellbeing and happiness

Nic Marks founded the Centre for Wellbeing at the London-based think tank New Economics Foundation and also more recently founded Happiness Works.

Climate change: "the biggest diplomatic challenge of all time"

By 2020, we have to switch from increasing emissions across the world at 1.8% per annum to decreasing at 3.2% per annum. That’s a very big challenge, but that is what margin we’re left with in managing this very very important problem.

On Transition's impact and reimagining the road to Paris 2015

What is the impact we hoped Transition would have when we first came up with the idea, what impact are we actually having, and what could we be doing differently to increase that impact?

Food in Community: keeping community groups fed in Totnes

In the market town of Totnes in Devon, a small group of volunteers are redistributing produce that would have otherwise gone to waste, with inspiring results

What climate "injustice" means for poorer communities

While the ecological and infrastructure impacts of climate change are becoming ever more self-evident, what about the social impacts?

George Marshall on communicating climate change following extreme weather events

How should Transition initiatives in communities hit by extreme weather talk about climate change with their neighbours?

Guy Watson on how Riverford Farm is living with climate change

Perhaps those for whom the notion of ‘living with climate change’ is most acutely felt are farmers.

Paul Kingsnorth on living with climate change

Paul Kingsnorth wrote recently of the floods that have hit the UK, arguing that they represent the beginning of "a gradual, messy, winding-down of everything we once believed we were entitled to".

"Blow wind and crack your cheeks": introducing a month on living with climate change

This month our theme is "living with climate change". We'll be exploring that from a variety of angles...